Meet Stan

My Uncle Stan was always a big part in my life. Even when I moved to live away from my home town, Uncle Stan and his amazing wife, my Auntie Mary visited and my children knew and loved them. Sadly Uncle Stan passed away in December 2015.

Stan served in the military and so creating the character’s personality was very easy.

In the stories, Stan the car carries a superior air and has an “old sergeant major” demeanor. He tries to maintain order in the garden shed, dishing out military style orders and making him appear quite bossy.

Stan believes there is just nothing better than being a motor car and often belittles Brian the bike. He also has 4 wheels which, in his mind, is obviously better than 3!

In Stan’s story things change, however, and hopefully he becomes a little more humble!

I hope you grow to love Stan. Now… “STAND AT EASE”!!!!