Meet Brian

This is the most understandable namesake of all of the toys in The Garden Shed.  Brian had to be called “Brian”.  I hope you love him!

The childrens´ granddad, (nanny Peggy´s husband), was called Brian.  A fellow Midlander who drove me mad and who was loved madly!  He was bike crazy and cycled practically every day into his 70s.  All of the childrens´ first bikes came via granddad Brian and everybody´s bikes, young and old, went to Brian for repairs and maintenance.  The man was a cycling fanatic who would proudly quote that his “bike was an extension of his body”, much to our jokes and amusement. 

Brian loves everything about cycling and is the happiest toy in the whole wide world!  He does not want to be a car, nor any other toy with a motor engine – he is very, very, very happy that he is a trike, because he knows that every child, (even grown up ones), loves to cycle!

Just from the look on his face, can´t you just imagine this little chap whizzing around the place?