Meet Peggy

Naming Peggy was, I imagine, very easy for Krystie as a 3 year old.

The real Peggy is the children’s grandmother. A wonderful, caring woman who has always been a very big part of our lives and who, after bringing up her children, dedicated herself to nursing others. The whole family adore her. The character seems a little stern in comparison to the real person but both share a deserved respect.

In the stories, Peggy has an air of wisdom and superiority as she believes she is the most intelligent and teaches the children counting and basic maths by the number of jumps the children can do. None of the other toys can count to 13 so, of course, this makes her the most intelligent in The Garden Shed.

You will meet Peggy in a later book teaching counting and basic number skills with play.

I hope you’ll all learn to love Peggy as much as we do. Boooiiiinnnggggg!!!!!