Meet Olive & Sylvia

I personally love Olive & Sylvia… and who didn’t have a skipping rope as a child – even if it were an old piece of rope.

When I was a little girl family get togethers and holidays were often and my dad’s two sisters, my Auntie Olive and Auntie Sylvia were big characters in my life and I love them both dearly.

When I had my own children I lived away from my home town. I passed down amazing stories of my parents’ families to my children and although they have only seen my aunts perhaps a dozen times, they were known and loved by the children.

The idea of calling the skipping rope Olive & Sylvia just ensured that my aunts always had and always will be alive in my little family.

My Auntie Olive passed away some years ago and my boys never met her – but they know and love her. Her name and memory certainly live on! Card nights at Auntie Olive’s – especially “chase the Ace” was just the best. Special memories.

My Auntie Sylvia recently celebrated her 80th birthday and has seen a copy of the first book. Auntie Sylvia is one of the strongest women I will ever know and yet great fun with the biggest heart. I remember her songs, her dancing and I remember how she nursed me when I was little and had a bug. My children adore her and thank her for the classic “my sister, Belinda” song!!!

In real life, Olive and Sylvia were not twins but may as well have been. The only daughters of 7 children, they had a special bond.

The second book in the series is The Garden Shed – Olive and Sylvia. I hope you’ll fall in love with these special characters.