Meet Polly

I think every child has a paddling pool – mine always did, I used to sit with my feet in it too most of the time – come on…, say you didn’t do the same!

I hated getting the pool ready and through the ‘it’s too cold’ remonstrations, but more than that, I hated emptying it, cleaning it and putting it away!

Our pool was called Polly, Polly the Pool – no special reason, it just fit. Krystie was a complete bookworm and read everything she could put her hands on so her imagination was incredible and she gave a name to everything – even spiders! Polly was her pet name for the pool and the name was passed to all pools bought for her brothers also!

You will see that I’m VERY artistically challenged…, but when the stories were written we had a list of the characters with a drawing and a character description. I’ve tried very hard to stick to this – sending each proof from the illustrators to the children and between us, we now have how Polly should look. I like Polly – she loves nothing more than to splash and her nose clip gives her a great reading character – try it, just pinch your nose! SPLISH SPLASH SPLOSH!